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Say goodbye to boring tasks and hello to more time doing what you love. Ready to experience the future of social content? Join today and take your social media game to the next level.

Automate Your Posts

AI Generated Content

Our platform will create content and schedule your posts for you, making your social media management a breeze. Trust Social AI Planner to streamline your workflow and enhance your online presence.
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Unlock your innovative potential

Are you tired of spending hours creating social media content? With Social AI Planner, let AI take care of the hard work for you. Our innovative platform uses artificial intelligence to create and post engaging and personalized social content.

Link to Your Accounts

Social AI Planner seamlessly integrates with your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts, providing you with a comprehensive platform to effortlessly manage all of your social media interactions.

Scheduled Posts

Take the uncertainty out of determining the optimal time of day for posting your social media content with Social AI Planner.

Automatic Posts

Let Social AI Planner streamline your social media posting effortlessly.



5 Credits
Get started risk free with 5 credits to test out our Social Planner

$29.99 per month

30 Credits
- 30 credit refill every month
- Auto posting 

$59.99 per month

100 Credits
- 100 credit refill every month
- Auto posting 

Welcome to the future of 
social content with Social AI Planner!

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